Smart 3d

Smart3D™ Overview

Smart3D™ is a technological breakthrough for the reverse engineering and modeling sectors providing significantly improved productivity and enhanced scanned datasets over manually operated systems. The patented HELIX® Smart Sensor, incorporating MEMS technology, offers the world’s first programmable scanner where the laser line quantity, density and scan volumes are fully user configurable and eliminate the requirement to physically move the scanner over the part.


Smart3D™ Hardware

Rugged Industrial Grade Construction

• Robust MEMS solid state optical system

• Integral thermal compensation

• Dynamic auto intensity

• Calibrated programmable illumination

• Accelerometer for sensor orientation detection Programmable Line Density

• Adjust line quantity and density to suit application

• Program each part scan zone with different density

• Line spacing down to 100 microns Programmable Scan Volume

• Select only zone to be scanned • Programmable in part space Automatic Rotary Table

• Built-in automatic calibration routine

• Scan 360o or selected part orientation


ScanWorks® Studio Software

• Intuitive workflow interface

• Exports scanned data to all common formats

• One click calibration routine

• Color-coded scans Programmable Automated Scanning Features

Scan line point density management

• Alignment

• Smoothing

• Decimation Repetitive Part Scanning with ‘Auto Rescan’ STL Scan Data Enhancement Tools

• Integrity check with optimization capability

• Interactive or Smooth-All functions

• Automatic Hole Fill or user controlled

• Mesh Decimation to reduce file size

• Mesh Refine for triangle uniformity Easy Alignment Capabilities

• Manual align using drag and drop

• N-Point with real time graphical visualization

• Fine align for precision finish




• 800mm Volume

• X 200mm

• Y 225mm

• Z 225mm Sensor

• Weight – 2.4kg

• Size – 467mm X 125mm X 76mm

• Connection – GigE Ethernet IP Classification

• IP54 Operating Temperature

• 10 – 45˚C Safety

• IEC 60825–1:2007 Laser

• Class 3R • 660nm wavelength