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The new generation of CMMS, the result of 50 years of coord3 experience.

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    CMM Kronos

    The Universal family represents the lastest generation of CMMS.

    Ideal for both traditional point-to-point measurements and more advanced scanning cycles using both contact and laser technology. The exceptional structural rigidity of the UNIVERSAL series makes it particularly suitable for use with 5-axis scanning systems and for measuring gears and gear wheels.

    The features are specially designed to reduce the number of parts, simplify construction, and reduce costs and maintenance time.

    The COORD3 UNIVERSAL series integrates, for the first time in the market, the automatic temperature compensation system with wireless technology. The fully automatic system dynamically corrects errors induced by environmental temperature changes in the 16-26°C temperature range. In addition, the use of high-resolution optical scales (0.1 µm) untethered from the substrate avoids distortions induced by deformation of the main structure.

    To enable the installation in production environments of a CMM with high dynamic performance, the UNIVERSAL series can be equipped with the environmental monitoring system.